Most of the factoring source code here was written by Ami Fischman and myself. We started futzing around in 1995 while giving a seminar on eliptic curves. The code here is not at all optimized - it is here for illustrative purposes, for you to LEARN. We'd still like to shake out some bugs, so please mail us with code, suggestions for improvement, or pointers to other places for info if ya got 'em.

The code below uses type Integer for its int type. I suggest you use the gmp library with the Integer class that I wrote (see below), but you can use any class you wish.

Factorization Source Code
A lot of this, and other algorithms, can also be found (all tar'ed up & g-zipped) at Ami's program page.

Other Related Code

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Paul Herman

Last Updated: Oct 29, 1997